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PBIS Character Building Presentation

The perfect program to compliment any school's code of behavior. This program encourages children to...develop a positive attitude about themselves and their world around them; demonstrate a sense of pride in their accomplishments; always be determined to do their best; and learn to cooperate with one another. John has combined his experiences as a teacher and his talents as a musician to create a unique performance that uses lively music, humor, and creativity to inspire social awareness, social skills, learning, and self-respect while giving language arts experiences that teachers can incorporate into future lessons.

Be a Buddy, not a Bystander

Recently, I have added a multi media animated screen presentation to my character educational and participatory school assemblies. Through song, dialogue, movement, and humor, I am educating children about the dangers of bullying. The key messages of my newest program are; recognizing bullying and teasing, understanding the importance of accepting differences; developing empathy and identification with targets of bullying; and increasing awareness of the role of the bystander; when/how to reach out to friends and classmates who may be targets and encourage them to seek help from caring adults.

Children are constantly reminded throughout my performances that by working together to create a caring, compassionate, and cooperative school environment, we can reduce the incidents of teasing while increasing random acts of kindness. By taking care of each other, speaking out against bullies, and working together, we have tremendous power in making a difference.

Citizens of the World

A musical presentation that focuses on creating a sense of togetherness within the school and community. Several weeks prior to the performance date, the school is sent a copy of John's study guide: Hats Around The World. This guide explains how to make various foreign hats in the classroom using paper and other simple art materials. The art teacher or the classroom teacher can initiate art projects with their students. This project aims to inspire classroom discussions of various customs and clothing worn by people in other parts of the world, and how the cultures compare with one another. Children are encouraged to wear their foreign hats to the performance, thus creating the effect of the United Nations and a sense of unity and pride in the

school. John uses a combination of songs, movement, dialogue, and an assortment of hats and disguises from around the world. Children are constantly being reminded throughout the show to have an appreciation and mutual respect for one another.

"His onstage rapport with his student audience is one of the best I've ever seen."

Norbert Bukowski, Ed. Director Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL

"Rave reviews as always...His multicultural songs are great for our very diversified schools."

Paulene Ross, Northeast Cultural Arts Center, Inc. Bradford, MA

Turn the World Around

What can we do to preserve and protect our planet? Through John's interactive style o music and activities about recycling and conservation, the audience is taught valuable lessons concerning our troubled environment. Strong ecological messages offer children encouragement and a sense that they have the power to make a difference in their community.

A study guide contains objectives, vocabulary, follow-up activities, ideas on neighborhood clean-up projects, and an extensive bibliography. Teachers may choose any one of the following projects described in the guide:

1.) How To Create A Paper Trash Sculpture

2.) Making Recycled Rhythm Instruments

3.) Creating Recycled Trash Hats

"It was obvious from your performance that you are not only a wonderful entertainer but also a master teacher."

Kathleen M. Buckley Ed. D., Principal, Melrose, MA

Dare to Say No


A performance musically designed to instill in young people a sense of pride and confidence in their ability to make good healthy choices. Using a combination of songs, dialogue, and both interesting and creative audio and visual aids, John heightens his audience's awareness of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The audience is empowered with the self-confidence and self-worth needed to resist peer pressure and "say no". Whether rocking to the song "Say No To Drugs", singing "No No No Tobacco", rapping and hand-jiving to the song "Yourself Belongs To You", or swinging to "I've got the Blues", children are constantly reminded that they have the right to be comfortable and make good, healthy, sound choices.

"I am always impressed with your ability to capture and maintain the audiences attention, as well as gain their participation. Your program is key to youth in the fight against drugs. With positive messages like yours, differences can be made in the community."

Michael C. Mather, Executive Director, Mass. Governor's Alliance Against Drugs

"Once again outstanding...the messages that he sends to the children jells so well with the messages we as D.A.R.E. officers teach everyday in the classroom"

Trooper Len G. Grossman Sr., Mass. State Police D.A.R.E. Coordinator (Woburn, MA Dare Graduation)

"Johnny the K's presentation was one of the more memorable moments at our conference. We highly recommend this wonderful performance. See you next year!"

Mass. D.A.R.E. Conference Coordinators, Ofc. Barry A. Geraghty and Ofc. John Moran

"John gets better and better...he's our favorite performer!"

Worcester, MA, Dare Camp, Sgt. Harold Williams

"John came highly recommended and lived up to all of them... a pleasure to work with. I have had nothing but compliments from people in the audience."

Woburn, MA, Dare Graduation, Sgt. Jerry Scalley

"Children and staff couldn't stop talking about Johnny the K."

Holyoke College DARE Camp, Ofc. David Zolendziewski

"Outstanding...I was impressed with his ability to maintain the campers attention."

Michael Sullivan, Plymouth D.A., Brockton Dare Camp

"John is requested every year and has become our favorite."

Lowell, MA, Dare Camp

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