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Make-a-Wacko Paper Hat

Hi kids. Would you like to learn how to make a wacko paper hat? A few sheets of newspaper, tape, and a minute are all it takes to make an outrageous hat that looks like a cross between a cabbage and a lampshade. With the rim rolled up, it becomes quite a respectable bowler. These hats can be very useful accessories to a costume.


Newspaper or sheets of clean newsprint.

Tape (a roll of 2-inch masking tape is good)

Ribbons, feathers, flowers, or other decorations


Stapler, scissors, and a helper


1. Open three sheets of newspaper up flat.

2. Center the newspaper on top of your head.

3. Conform the paper to your head by pressing down all around and gathering it in at about eye level. Hold the paper in position with your hands and yell for your helper.

4. Have your helper secure the paper into position with a band of tape that circles your head. It should feel snug.

5. Turn up the brim.

6. Decide how you want to finish the hat. You might just trim the brim with scissors. Or roll the edge and staple it into position. Or roll the brim all the way to the crown for the bowler model.

7. Add some ribbons, feathers, or flowers if you feel like it.

NOTES: A more colorful version of this hat can be made from wallpaper samples. You can stick two contrasting sheets together back to back with wheat paste. Or use self-sticking wallpaper that just needs water. Make the hat the same way.

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